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Structural Problems? Building Disputes? Dampness?

We are readily available to help with a specific structural problem!

Structural problems can be very serious and hence harder to solve. The problem is that they are hard to spot, as a result the issue can grow, and so too in close proportion do the implications and costs to home owners. Our surveyors will diagnose and provide the expert analysis to suggest a way forward.

What signs should you look out for?

Structural problems can relate to dampness affecting walls, foundation problems, rotting to timber elements, faulty drains, and ground conditions just to name a few things……cracking can often be a sign of problems. However, there may also be nothing to worry about but careful diagnosis is needed and a closer investigation in the form of monitoring, for example.

The underlying factors need to be identified in order to decide on the best solution. Our surveyors will advise based on their vast experience and knowledge. If specialist advice is not sought you could experience expensive and unnecessary costs or repairs. The small cost of seeking expert advice offers long term savings and peace of mind, as our past clients often tell us.

Our photos below show some of the typical problems we encounter during our Building Surveys

Typical problems

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