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Structural Problems? Building Disputes? Dampness?

Independent Building Surveyors

Our Defect Surveyors are Independent Building Surveyors who have a very extensive knowledge of all ages, types, and styles of property and their associated problems.

If you have a specific issue with your property but perhaps do not require a full Building Survey we can help you.

We can offer helpful advice and guidance in resolving numerous issues.

The adjacent photos show some of the typical problems we encounter everyday during the course of our Building Surveys.

Deterioration of render

Roof in state of disrepair

Leaking flat roof

Vertical structural crack in brickwork

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Damp Problems

Are you experiencing dampness in your property or is it present in one you are thinking of buying?
then we would recommend you have a Specific Defect Report carried out.

Structural Problems

Structural problems can be very serious and hence harder to solve. The problem is that they are hard to spot, as a result the issue can grow, and so too in close proportion do the implications and costs to home owners.

Building Dispute Problems

Minor building work can include things such as roofing work, paving, flooring, resolving dampness, decoration, bathroom and kitchen installations – it is reasonable that you may expect the job to be carried out to a satisfactory standard that you are happy with.