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Structural Problems? Building Disputes? Dampness?

Dampness problems in property

Are you experiencing dampness in your property or is it present in one you are thinking of buying?

….then we would recommend you have a Specific Defect Report carried out.

Are you concerned about its implications and how to eradicate or resolve it?

…then we can help you! We can carry out a report that is not quite a Building Survey but focuses just on one specific issue, for example, dampness.

Our report will provide you with the expert advice needed to overcome this obstacle.

Peeling paint and plaster due to dampness

Maintenance is essential with any property

We need to solve the problem of dampness, we live in one of the coldest wettest countries! If not resolved it can affect the structural integrity of a property, the life span of materials and also your general health and well being.

Damp is one of the core issues you should deal with in any kind of maintenance you are

planning, whether you are a owner, tenant, leaseholder or landlord.

If you would like to know more on the subject of dampness in property please download and read this article.

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Some of the damp problems in properties that we have come across during our surveys

We survey all types of property and have carried out Specific Defect Reports on many of these.

The following photos are from just a few properties that have had dampness issues.

Converted barn - Cold bridging

Church- leaking roof

School - flat roof problems

Offices in period property- condensation

Office block - leaking windows and roof causing dampness internally

If you would like to read an example of a Specific Defect Report that we have carried out please see the links below.

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