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Do you need a Schedule of Condition to protect your interests?

If you are contemplating the purchase or signing of a lease, please feel free to contact us for friendly help and advice. We will listen, understand and talk you through the various options according to your circumstances.  The property you are interested in may be any size, age or type ranging from a small shop on a high street, a restaurant, warehouse, offices or a public house.

We will provide a detailed report called a Schedule of condition which will record all the important points about a property so that your liability is protected in the lease. This will help protect you from further costs, initiate works, aid decisions, help you negotiate, help with neighbouring work or party wall work. The schedule of condition works very effectively in all types of leases, varying in strength. Please call us to discuss your requirements on 0800 490 6824.

Example Schedule of Condition 

Pub Schedule of condition

Example articles and reports

What is a Schedule of Condition?

What is a
Schedule of


Why have a Schedule of Condition?

Why have a
Schedule of


Commercial Premises

Schedule of
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Landlords, Surveyors and Solicitors all arguing against Schedules of Condition

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Photos of a warehouse from a recent Schedule of Condition

Large warehouse with offices

Internal bays of large warehouse

If you are about to buy the leasehold to a property please call us to discuss your requirements.

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