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Building disputes – we can help!

Minor building work can include things such as roofing work, paving, flooring, resolving dampness, decoration, bathroom and kitchen installations – it is reasonable that you may expect the job to be carried out to a satisfactory standard that you are happy with. This standard may relate to performance, workmanship and materials. The problem occurs when there is a serious deviation from these expectations!

If you have such a problem why not call our surveyors who can inspect your property to advise on how to fix the problem. This may help you negotiate and avoid further costs down the line such as mediation, legal action court costs etc. We would almost certainly recommend that this is the preferred and most economical route in the short run. Depending on the circumstances you may be able to claim back funds, have the work put right or gain compensation. If none of this is possible you will be in a position to know how to tackle the problems in your home for the future.


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